You have seen our charming full BowQuets filled with all of our wonderful hair bows, flowers, and barrettes to decorate your darling little girl’s hair. Each of these lovely themed gift baskets comes with a matching Sculptured Princess character hair clip that can only be found at BowQuet Gifts. Hand sculpted for that special little someone we are now offering these charming hair ornaments individually.

These sweet grosgrain handcrafted ribbon hair clips are perfect little presents that will make your daughters day. She can easily clip them into her favorite hair style and show off her favorite princess in the neighborhood, at school, or out and about with mom and dad.

You can easily choose from any of the themed characters including Tinkerbell for those young girls who believe in magic. Choose Cinderella who dances around dreaming that someday her fairytale prince will come. Do your daughters love Frozen? Then snatch up Elsa for your oldest and Anna for your youngest and let the power of sisters show through.

There are so many options for you to pick from. You can opt for one or create your own assortment of princesses. Perfectly individually packaged these would be a wonderful surprise as a little take home gift at a princess themed birthday party. You could select a different princess for each girl in attendance.

Decorate a little tree with her favorite characters and tuck it into her room to awake to on Christmas morning. You will not be able to get her out to open presents until she has picked the perfect princess to wear that day. These are just a few of the amazing things you could do to show her just how much you care. Make her feel like the princess you know she is.