Sleeping Beauty Inspired Gift Basket of Hairbows


Mix and match up to 50+ hair wearing options

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Latest fashion trends for girls isn’t in stores… It’s
online! Right here. This beautiful sleeping princess inspired gifted
has so much charm and character.

Have you long for that one of a kind
gift that will not only make her giddy with joy but will leave the
parents speechless and in awe of such a sweet personalized gift? She
will yelp with excitement when all of her friends lean in to see what
all the fuss is about.

You’ll know you nailed it because she she won’t be able to hide that
twinkle in her eyes or the blushing of her cheeks with all the
attention she’ll receive upon opening. Doesn’t it just feel good to
know you’re not only giving her a stunning present but this will set
her imagination spiraling out of control with fun ideas of fashion

not only will see a door you, so will her hair! Rather she wears one
of her gorgeous chiffon, satin, felt, hair clips in a fancy updo
style or love her locks free flow down the way mother nature intended,
she will look ravishing. You are truly giving her the gift of beauty.
each day she can decide which pretty to wear. Guaranteed to put a
little pep in her step rather she is at school, church, or play date!
It’s better than any little girl gift basket because of its
uniqueness. It’s filled with hand crafted charm.

There are 12 different hair clips/ bows in various sizes, textures,
and even some BLING! With the three ribbon wrapped headbands that come
as my gift to you no strings attached, she will be able to mix and
match up to 50 plus hair wearing options!!

Recap: 3 enchanted princess inspired character clips – including one
OTT bow, hairbows in multiple shades of pretty pink flower hair clips,
delicious chiffon & lace white and vanilla cream flower hair bows,
adorable pail that can later be used to store pens and pencils or
maybe something else she treasures, or leave as is…


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