Inspired by Sophia the 1st- Boutique Princess Gifts


Rather this is for a First Communion, birthday
surprise party, or simply just BOW-cause she will enjoy her colorful
hair flower clips.

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There once was a little girl who lived an ordinary life
until one day her mother married a king named Rowland. The Princess
and her mother were immersed into a lifestyle of wealth and riches.
her step father gifted her a magical amulet that she wears everyday.

The power of the necklace helps Sophia become the greatest princess
she can be by assisting her and performing good deeds and gestures.
With help from her fairy friends and her enrollment in Charm School
she is sure to please her parents and make her kingdom proud.

sometimes even us commoners enjoy feeling like royalty this Sofia the
first inspired gift basket will help her embrace her inner princess if
you are searching for a gift basket with some flair then you can take
a deep breath and let out a sigh of relief. You can go back to your
regular activities knowing you will hit a homerun with your
exceptional gift. Rather this is for a First Communion, birthday
surprise party, or simply just BOW-cause she will enjoy her colorful
hair flower clips. Eats carefully line with chris brain or satin like
11 to compliment for high fashion pallet. He’s here bratz with maltese
textured fabrics of lays and show fine will look amazingly exquisite
and her highness hair.

Enjoy watching her open this treasure as you can assure it won’t
immediately be set aside. she will be captivated with the luxury of
such a personalized princess gift. Her only thought will be… How did
she know I would love this gorgeous gift personalized just for me!
Enjoy and bask in the glory of having the best gift ever created for
little girls. Collect them all!

Don’t miss out on this limited time gift. It may sell out quick and I
don’t want you to miss out! included – 3 free headbands and free
shipping!!! This bouquet has 50 plus wearable options. With 12 clips
arranged like a bouquet of flowers.


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