Doc McStuffins Inspired Get Well Bowquet


She can create 50+ lavish looks using the three headbands
I am gifting to her.

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A dozen hair Bows / hair clips arranged like a bouquet of flowers that
WON’T WILT but is guaranteed it WILL SPOIL!

The ends have all been heat-sealed to prevent fraying and alligator
clips are ribbon lined to give a polished look.

Perfect gift for girls who are having a birthday or even a get well
basket to lift her spirits when she isn’t feeling herself. Makes for a
gorgeous centrepiece as well.

Just recently someone wrote me and said they placed there hairbow
display holder at the table next to they’re delicious looking birthday
cake. Immediately parents asked for my card, website, and details.

They used my colorful hair accessories as there doc mcstuffin party favors! I felt honored. They immediately placed a second order as

their little girl wanted them all to herself. Can you blame her…
Really, they make her feel like a fashion princess. Her faves are the
over the top hairclip at the peak of the flower arrangement and of
course the sculptured character hair clip that resembles Doc.

Sarah can now pretend to have her own animal clinic of stuffed animals
and heal them while looking the part of a fashion forward diva.
There’s a good chance you will find all of her dolls / lovies wearing
her ribbons. She can create 50+ lavish looks using the three headbands
I am gifting to her. The head headbands have a special loop that will
allow you to change the bow / clip. They can also be worn alone
without attaching anything! You can’t go wrong with lace, chiffon,
satin,or sparkle. This cheery colored gift has plum, lavender, aqua,
teal, hot pink, and light pink hair accessories. Choose an accent
color that suites her style.

This is an incredible gifting alternative to flowers and candy. No one
is allergic to PRETTY! Wonderful present for children who have peanut
allergies. Kids with allergies often feel left out. Make her feel
special as this is a treat within itself. My favorite of the set is
the sequins butterfly. Can you tell I love all things pretty, lol.
What will her favorite assesory be? Order today to find out!


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