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Pick your theme of either Elsa (Big Sister) or Anna (Little Sister).

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Inspired by the blockbuster animation “Frozen” this
frozen princess hair bow holder and ribbon bow bouquets are a glorious
gift giving pleasure. This is the perfect sibling gift for older sis
or little sis present.

custom handmade in riveting detail, it features a variety of bowtique
– style hair clips that will keep her hair tidy while adding an extra
layer of fun.

when it comes to accessorizing, Bow-quets.com gets it right the first
time so that you can focus on other important things. This is a
limited edition, Bow-quets original. Order now to guarantee

Allow her to wear her status properly. Like a badge of honor that
being a big or little sister entitles her to. Being the oldest of
three girls I always complain that being the oldest just met more
work, lol. Did you ever feel this way? My younger sister said it felt
like she could never do anything since she was the baby sister. Isn’t
the grass always greener on the other side, haha!

Imagine this scenario… Your sister, BFF, your own daughter, or your
self is having a baby. You arrive to the hospital with a special
surprise for the eldest child who is getting lost in the shuffle of
visitors. Picture the look on her face when she received her very own
gift celebrating the fact that she too is special. She will show each
yes her gift celebrating the new family addition.

or another scenario possibly… You are throwing a shower for the mom
to be for the second time. This is known as a sprinkle baby shower
party. This would be a wonderful gift for a new baby girl. This stand
out flower hair clip arrangement will be the gift the gift won’t be
able to stop talking about think about it… Everyone gives blankets,
onesies, and diaper cakes! But how many people have you seen give this
as a baby shower gift?!

Pick your theme of either Elsa (Big Sister) or Anna (Little Sister).
Then choose an accent color. Any of the colors shown can be made for
either princess.


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